ESXi - SSD for Quickbox + HDD only for torrents


Thanks for a nice piece of software :slight_smile:

I’m installing Quickbox in an ESXi environment.

Can someone please give me a “how-to”, for using one datastore for Ubuntu+Quickbox(config files, etc.) and another datastore for all the torrents?

I have a SSD datastore that’s backed up and a single disk datastore that I would like to use for torrents.

I have not yet installed Quickbox(other than in a test VM), so I’m perfectly fine with doing a new install.

Any help is much appreciated.


i’m not sure what you mean by datastore.

Ah, by datastore I mean ESXi datastore.

I’m adding two virtual disks to the VM I’m creating, one resides on a datastore that is being backed up regularly, the other datastore is simply a single disk.

I guess I could just rephrase it and say I wanted to install Quickbox on an SSD drive and store torrents on a seperate HDD drive.

EDIT: Are all the torrents stored in /home? If so, I guess I could just mount /home on the HDD?

this might also work for you Adding new disk to user directory

i made this for people with home build but should work for you too.

Thanks for the link.

I have now installed a secondary 1TB HDD as SDB, mounted it via fstab to /media and created a symlink to the /home/userXXX/torrents folder. It’s working and the permissions are set, Torrents are running just fine.

However the disk space reported in the widget and in rTorrent is wrong. Can you help?

Are there a better way of doing this, rather than symlinking the folder? I think this might be what is causing the issues.


EDIT: I’ve now mounted /home on the 1TB drive in stead, seemed like a better solution. rTorrent is now reporting the correct amount of disk space, but the widget is still using the disk space from “/”.

EDIT2: fix-disk_widget_home solved the problem! Should I be running into more problems after this?

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so if you mounted the second drive to /home then use
no more problems as this is kinda what i did on another real server. ssd had os and swap and hdd held torrents.