Error with indexers (search don't work) in NZBHydra

i’m french sorry for my english!

Can someone help me to confugure NZBHydra : search don’t work.

Did not pick NZBGeek because it is disabled temporarily due to an error: Connection failed: Invalid URL ‘’: No schema supplied. Perhaps you meant

I’m in a dedicated server, perhap’s I missed to configure something ?


Hello @blackcustom

I “googled” your issue and I saw this error which seems to be the same :

Even it’s SickRage, it seems your issue is due to a Python error.

Did you look to the NZBHydra github issues ?

Try to reinstall QuickBox on a free vps and test again NZBHydra with NZBGeek to know if the issue comes from :

  • Your server
  • NZBHydra
  • QuickBox NZBHydra package


Thank’s it work great now :sunglasses:

Nice !
What did you do? :slightly_smiling_face:

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