Error when I Install pyLoad

Hello !

I can’t install pyLoad !
When I try : I have just a box with “Exiting…”

Please Help !

Hi mattymattmatt,

Can you try running:

sudo su -
qb fix dpkg

And then re-install?

Kind Regards,

Done !

Now, in the box :“Resolved locked dpkg database.”

it’s ok for the install.

but now I can’t log with my user !

I do “sudo systemctl restart pyload@seedbox.service” but … nothing

It creates a temporary password that needs to be changed after install (unless you’re ok with the password generated). This is displayed on the completion of the build. However, we have it store the temp password in a file located at /root/.quickbox/.${username} You can do cat /root/.quickbox/.${username} to easily retrieve this info in ssh and attempt to use that one for the login.