Error message during the installation of QuickBox


I try to install(settle) a seedbox Rutorrent with QuickBox but unsuccessfully at present, I use the line of code indicate on the site, but I have has every time I have an error message.
I am on a waiter(server) Kimsufi KS-2E AtomN2800 - 4GB

Here is the error message which I have:

Configuration of is lying (1:2.7.4-Oubuntu1.3…
-bash: is lying: command not found

Somebody few to help me?
Thank you in advance

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Could you show us the command that you typed ?
Do you see the QuickBox wizard before this error is returned ?
If not, you could try theses commands seperatly (with ROOT account) :

  • apt-get -yqq update
  • apt-get -yqq upgrade
  • apt-get -yqq install git lsb-release
  • git clone /etc/QuickBox
  • bash /etc/QuickBox/setup/quickbox-setup
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It is exactly the order which I banged

Then a part of the installation it is made up to this last line:

Configuration of is lying (1:2.7.4-Oubuntu1.3) … :slight_smile:

and then :

-bash: is lying: command not found

It is all that I have?
I already had to try several times unsuccessfully and I have to reformat the waiter(server) to begin again on a clean(appropriate) machine.

Thank’s for your help

Sorry for my English but I do not speak it, I speak only French I thus serves me as a translator (Reverso)

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Could you reinstall again your server with Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) and try again ?

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