Error Loading RSS Feed

If I’ve missed this please point me in the right direction. When trying to add a RSS feed I’m receiving this error
Error Loading Feed

Any ideas what it could be?

Appreciate the help.
thank you

That could be a of range things. We’ll need to see the feed your are trying to add.
If its a private tracker try to seek help on their forum. They would know if your rss link is right

Ok thank you I will double check the sites forums and make sure the rss feed is correct.

i’m also having the same problem, either trying to use private tracker or public tracker… been scratching my head over this for the past couple of days

I am also experiencing this. I have tried on loading 3 private tracker RSS feeds and 2 of them load up just fine, but with one I get this error. I have checked the feed is fine in my browser and on another seedbox I have, it just seems to be buggy with this quickbox install. I was advised getting a second IP, might do the trick?


Same problem here with feed.
i have 2 quickbox installations ; on first server the feed don’t load.
on the secondo quickbox server, the feed it’s ok.
of course, same url , settings and so on.

don’t have any idea of what can be the problem.