Epic fail for host tuvixhosting.eu



For many reasons i can not list everything wrong with this company, but let’s say you don’t get what they say you do. They will blame you for the servers fail and your lack of knowledge on how servers work.

Say that our servers all come with full duplex. which if you know anything then

  1. nobody messes with duplex anymore unless they are bored.
  2. nobody caps speed using duplex it’s done with router applications called traffic shapers, then they will say that speedtest.cli is not a good way to test speeds, then they will list cli as a way to test it see the flaw there?
  3. They take forever to respond to tickets opened because they are not in this timezone.

Last of all they also try to blame this script for limiting the speeds of the server like really? This script may have flaws but it’s a work in progress so that’s fine but this script is the best i found that is clean.
Anyone who has taken time to look at the script will know this is just them playing the blame game. It’s everyone’s fault but “Ours”.

When i was looking for something at first that was more than 500Mbps ,well the first test was just that but then i never saw those same speeds again. I ran the test maybe 15 times and got 23,49, 143, 210 all these up and then then they give you 800 download. What good is that if you can’t pull a file off the server when your done with it? But they dont cap?

OK they also say its 1Gb speed because the up+the down = 1gb that’s not how you would advertise it!!! You can list download as 800/300, you can even say 250Mbps bandwidth like SYS.

All i can say is stay far away from them, especially if you’re smart enough to catch them in their lies.


I can also say that I’m not happy with their service. First off they installed for me an old version of this script and took a full 4 days to deliver the server that was supposed to be delivered in 6 hours at max. I then sent in a ticket asking if the server could be upgrade to newer versions of deluge and rtorrent. They responded to that ticket in a couple of days and then about an hour later my server was offline and unresponsive in any way, no ssh, rtorrent, deluge thin client… nothing worked. So I then sent in yet another ticket to see what was going on and it has now been 6 days and I have yet to get a response. I’m done with them after this month but I would really like to get my server back online long enough for me to pull my files to another server. Also I have stayed up on 2 separate occasions until 3AM my local time for a chance to catch their chat being available since they are only available from 10AM-5PM their local time (Netherlands I believe) and on neither occasion did the chat ever come online. I am truly disappointed in the service of this company


@alsahhim Thank you for sharing your experience it helps to keep others away from our same mistake, don’t be afraid to speak make a post about any you have tried good or bad i figure this is a great place to speak the truth about hosts out there.


I never bought a host that required use of Adobe Air but Tuvux does and it sucks so hard im glad I bought herzer

30$ for 16gb/2x3TB and a i7


Did you get that on a bid? That is a smokin deal!


@demonotaku hey could you do me a favor with your server could you run a speedtest i just would like to see.


Your order:

1 x Dedicated Root Server SB31
* Intel Core i7-2600
* 2x HDD 3,0 TB SATA
* 4x RAM 4096 MB DDR3
* Rescue system (English)
€ 26.05

Sure where you want to do the speed test from?


just a simple one ran from terminal speedtest.cil run like 3 times to give me a idea if big dips in speed or not


[[email protected]]:(24.4kb)/home/junko# ./speedtest-cli
Retrieving speedtest.net configuration…
Retrieving speedtest.net server list…
Testing from Hetzner Online GmbH ()…
Selecting best server based on latency…
Hosted by HillCom Solutions (Alsfeld) [33.58 km]: 5.975 ms
Testing download speed…
Download: 454.26 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed…
Upload: 202.21 Mbit/s
[[email protected]]:(24.4kb)/home/junko# ./speedtest-cli
Retrieving speedtest.net configuration…
Retrieving speedtest.net server list…
Testing from Hetzner Online GmbH ()…
Selecting best server based on latency…
Hosted by HillCom Solutions (Alsfeld) [33.58 km]: 2.72 ms
Testing download speed…
Download: 658.50 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed…
Upload: 180.36 Mbit/s
[[email protected]]:(24.4kb)/home/junko# ./speedtest-cli
Retrieving speedtest.net configuration…
Retrieving speedtest.net server list…
Testing from Hetzner Online GmbH ()…
Selecting best server based on latency…
Hosted by HillCom Solutions (Alsfeld) [33.58 km]: 2.892 ms
Testing download speed…
Download: 716.49 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed…
Upload: 194.89 Mbit/s

but that with torrents and FTP upload to the box


that’s about what i get on ovh :confused:

Im looking for faster uploads. like 600Mbit/s +

Thank you for taking time to run that for me.


well for 30$ cash you cant beat the speeds but ask me about uploads in two days for irl test :slight_smile:


well with unlimited data with ovh vs 20tb limit at hetzer idk i will look forward to seeing real speeds :smiley:


Yea but I am on a few sites but im not in for the upload other then for a certain anime site;


I Buy seedbox in Tuvix Hosting in 15/06/2016 and still (23/06/16) Not give seedbox
i open ticket and asking about my seedbox they just say only one word “Apologies for the delay.
Our staff is extremely busy, we are doing our best to get your issue solved as soon as possible”

and not even refunding my money not even second word. they kidding ?
in my way There is No Second try on TuvixHosting *********


i dont mean second try as in i gave them another chance i mean as in second host company i tried. and i know all to well about no refund they said basically f-u and paypal said tough shit.


Yes tuvix… seen some bad things from them in boxes…


This made my day they closed business,

ohhh how i am smiling for them ripping me off.


Yeah I noticed this last night. Shaking my head.

Tuvix rep got upset at me because all I can do is recommend that our current customers cancel rather than deal with the constant outages to which support never acknowledges nor compensates.

Two days later their dns went down and has been down since.



they just are assholes and should fine new work. even their site is a joke so ya i think anyone needs to leave them if they have not already.


shakes head too they gave us so many issues…
and now they are gone. :slight_smile: