Encrypting Harddrive


Hi all,

Firstly I am new here, so sorry if this is deemed a silly question.
I have not used quickbox before but looking to give it a whirl, before I do I was curious does anyone do any pre-setup like encrypting disks? :slight_smile:

Curious the methods people use.

Many Thanks


I’ve dealt with a few encrypted disks, several versions back. I remember specifically @T4K using them. I can’t remember off hand if there was another problem he found, or if the encryption itself was breaking parts of the QuickBox dashboard. If he pops in, his memory may be better served than my own as he directly faced this issue.

I don’t really think that encrypting the disks themselves is necessary and in most cases, it’s probably a waste of effort in the long run.


Thanks for such a speedy response JMSolo,

May just be myself being over paranoid, I was thinking maybe having encrypted disks was the best way to go, at the moment I have complete encryption at boot etc.

I guess though there is a possibility to make a seperate partion and encrypt it use it as the data drive for downloaded files.


It’s possible you could attempt the install and see how it goes. I am not 100% available at the moment for troubleshooting, but I will gladly offer support to what the issue may be (if things go bottom up) when and if I’m needed.