Editing the rtorrent RC template in Quickbox folder?


I’ve edited the RC template (rtorrent.rc.template) in te etc/quickbox folder as I assumed this is what is used for creating new users but nothing I add seems to be used in the RC for created users?

Does anybody in the community or staff know which file I need to edit to set the default RC options?

I know I can edit the RC file after creating user but just trying to figure out how to set default if possible. I’m experimenting wit some at the moment but trying to add following…

network.send_buffer.size.set = 1M
network.receive_buffer.size.set = 131072
pieces.memory.max.set = 3500M
dht.mode.set = disable

The .rtorrent.rc template for new users is in /root/.bashrc


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Thanks, much appreciated :slight_smile:

What’s the template file for then in quickbox/setup/templates folder?

It’s used during installation, not sure why we have two… These are things that JMSolo wrote before I started contributing to the project and just never have ended up being simplified. Though, I did end up writing the Deluge portion to behave in exactly the same way :sweat_smile:

Once you have an example you just kinda keep with it, even if it’s not always ‘best practice’. It can be confusing for others trying to decipher what’s going on (like yourself) but JMSolo and I know the QB code like the back of our hands :wink: