Dropbox Command Line Interface no longer connecting to seedbox

I haven’t updated QuickBox in a few months so did a fresh install, all went well but the Dropbox Linux command tool no longer connects to Dropbox. See here & here.

I’m guessing it might have something to do with the reverse proxy that was recently added… not sure how to configure that to work with Dropbox.

Also, future support for Dropbox would be nice, even if it’s only accessible via the web console.

Unlikely anything to do with reverse proxy. Configs were made specifically for services and would not affect anything else that was not specifically configured.

I’ve tried on both the root and user account, no luck. I suppose I will need to do a clean install and run Dropbox first to get what I need.

Update: It’s definitely something QuickBox does to the server as using Dropbox on a clean install worked fine.

Logs, error messages, anything?