Drop down menu on the right hand side on the dashboard no longer works. Cant update


As the title said, after I did an update via the menu option on the dashboard. The menu itself no longer drops down. I am talking about the menu that is named after the user.

Is there a command I can use on the CLI to update and see if a new update fixes my problem?


Do the following to get the menu back. I am going to send a patch to the updater to address this issue today.

rsync -aP --exclude=disk_*.php ${local_dashboard}* ${rutorrent}home

In fact, I have pushed the commit now to avoid this. That commit may be reviewed here:


I did the commands you asked and it broke the layout/css of the dashboard.

Not sure what to do from here.


Do a hard refresh in your browser Ctrl + f5


Did it, and tried it with a couple other browsers and same thing.


Well, that command does not overwrite any css nor make any deletions. You may try this, however, I think this is a caching issue.

The following does a hard copy to your dashboard:

cp -r ${local_dashboard}. ${rutorrent}home

If you have a /home mounted system you will need to additionally do the following:

cd widgets
rm disk_data.php && mv disk_datah.php disk_data.php


Ya, not sure what is going on. I did the commands and it’s still messed up. Cleared cache, everything. Still looks the same.


What does la -l return from the /srv/rutorrent/home/skins/ directory. I don’t know what’s going on either as that command literally does nothing but do a soft copy… and the latter does a hard copy. No files get removed and/or moved at all.

Are you using your seedbox with a CDN by chance… for a domain name?

Additionally, try to run updateQuickBox and see if that addresses your issue.


Cheers! Doing the update command fixed everything, except it broke my disk usage. You logged into my server to fix that a week or so ago. So not sure how to get it going again.


Try running the move on the disk widgets as it always defaults to /(root) mount (for now)

cd widgets
rm disk_data.php && mv disk_datah.php disk_data.php

I have addressed some issues with the disk widget files so that should be resolved now. Let me know though if it still spells out trouble for you.


Ran it, and still nothing, I also setdisk and nothing pops up.


Try uploading this file to your /widgets directory on your dashboard and see if this works. Maybe the commit did not go through on our stable branch like I thought. Rename without the .txt

disk_data.php.txt (5.9 KB)


uploaded it, permissions 775, widget still appears blank. hmmm


Please PM me your server credentials and I’ll take a look. :slight_smile:


All fixed thank you.