Downgrade Deluge

Possible to get a feature to allow quickbox downgrade deluge from 1.3.14? SInce itconfig not working with it.

you can run upgradeDeluge in ssh and choose to install with stable libtorrent (option 2 i believe), Ltconfig works fine with that.


Isn’t the option 2 a bit old release

  1. Deluge repo (fastest)
  2. Deluge with libtorrent 1.0.9 (stable)
  3. Deluge with libtorrent 1.1.1 (dev)

This is the list i get when using the command upgradeDeluge, dev even older.

the versions of lt do not get updated on that list. when i installed dev a few months ago ltconfig was buggy and would not load the preset although you could customize manually on 1.1.2, i then installed stable and it installed 1.0.11 and ltconfig works fine.

it just installs the latest version of each branch. 1.0.11 is still latest stable and that will work fine with deluge 1.3.14

What version of QB are you on? Those numbers were updated in this pull request:

Ltconfig is working fine here on libtorrent 1.1.2 and Deluge 1.3.14. Haven’t used the plugin, just manual edits to ltconfig.conf