Dowload from Nextcloud Error

Hi Dear QuickBoxer,

I have a little problem in my build so why I’m here X)

I use Nextcloud and setup External Storage pointing the folder where I download contents.
It is working but when I try to download it begin to download but stop after around 5-10 minute with an error.

is there a security that is blocking too long downloads or something like this ?

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Hi there

I´ve not come across an error like that.
What os are you running?
Just tried to see if I could recreate an issue like that and sadly haven´t been able to do that.

hi there,
i’m running on " Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.15.0-46-generic x86_64) "

Just thing I don’t understand but netdata say to me Capture1 Capture2

I Find solution…

after some tests I remember I’m using Cloudflare as DNS and in parameter I forger to put in “grey cloud” (mean that traffic does not use other cloudflare services but only DNS)

so it look like a parameter of cloudflare blocked transferts (probably the on which limitate to 100 Mb upload per request (not sure)

thanks for your time

so hope this topic could help any other people in future :wink:

Thanks a lot for sharing your findings on this and it will definitely be something someone will be able to use should they experience similar problem :slight_smile:

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