Do we have too many superhero movies?

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Now, before I start, I absolutely love superhero movies. I am a massive Marvel Cinematic Universe fan and absolutely adore the franchise and I have a great respect for the DCEU as well. However, this thought has been playing around in my mind for a while now.

Now that we are heading into a new decade, we are getting more and more superheros than ever before. Now that 20th Century Fox and Disney have now merged, and a new agreement with Marvel and Sony is now in place, it’s made me wonder. “Am I now a sheep to the corporate overlords?”

The simple answer is yes. For the big films like the Avengers, Deadpool, Captain America etc, I will always go out and see those films. It’s a sense of escapism that I enjoy and brings me joy for the 2-3 hour run time that there is.

But with both DCEU and MCU being so dominant at the Box Office, it’s making me think that there aren’t any other franchises out there that can grab my attention as easily as the MCU. Now, I love Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts franchise is something that I’ll continue to watch and just the other day I saw the new Hobbs & Shaw film. However, the films that I’ll go out of my way to watch as soon as they come out are the MCU films.

Is that because I don’t want to be the last one to see it? Is it because of how fantastic the movies are? Is it because the stories link together and in order to truly love and understand the big event films (like Endgame) it’s worth seeing the other films to really fall in love with these characters?

I think so! I think it’s not about the big blockbusters or the Captain Marvel films. I think it’s about the whole experience. With so many people who are fans of these films, it’s so ingrained in our culture and now being the superhero geek is actually cool.

I remember being back in school and liking superheros was not something to be proud of. It was something that you are bullied for. Now, if you’re NOT a superhero fan, that’s against the norm and the status quo.

Do you think there will be a massive new franchise that is just waiting in the wings or do you think Deadpool will come along and ruin it for all of us but at the same time make it so much better?

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