DNS not working for VPN after CSF installed

After I installed CSF and eventually got it to work haha somehow the VPN is not working correctly.

It looks like a DNS problem the only webpage I can load is the qb Dashboard via direct ip.

I checked the things in this article:

It mentions something with the rc.local but the text is already there so not that.

Uninstalled quickVPN and installed it again, no luck.

Not really sure where to look, I may be searching this forum with wrong keywords and not finding a solution that is already pressent.

“Found the problem”

After I removed openVPN and when I installed again I selected option 1 for the dns server, the one for what is used locally on the system. And that doesn’t work.

Did another remove and install and now selected Google’s dns instead and now it works.


Ok was to quick in my assumption that I had fixed the world situation haha.

After reboot it didn’t work again so typed the following, mentioned in the link above, that has fixed everything:

sudo apt-get install iptables-persistent
The installer will ask if you want to save current rules, select Yes

If you don’t select yes, that’s fine, you can save the rules later with sudo netfilter-persistent save

Make the rules apply at startup:
sudo systemctl enable netfilter-persistent

Somehow there still seems to be problem if one reload the csf.

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