Disk usage not working

Installed qb on dedicated server with 256ssd. during installation everything went smooth, the issue I have is that the disk usage is showing a negative number, and Rtorrent is displaying an error saying that there is no more space on the drive. df -h showed only 3% usage.
What did I do wrong?

Are you using a /home or /(root) partition for your server?

If you’re not sure… what is the output of lsblk?

It sounds like you installed Quotas during install. If you are the only user using the server you can type sudo box remove quotas to make use of all space on the server.

Nope quotas whas not installed.

i fixed it by allocating space for my account setdisk 150gb

That means quotas are installed. Go to your dashboard Package Management Center and search for Quotas. I guarantee you its installed… otherwise the setdisk command does not work.

You where right. I pobably wrote box remove quotas wrong -.-