Disk Status show 2 (or more) Hard Drives

I have been searching through, trying to edit the code in different PHP files, and I’m not being successful. I’ve also tried looking this up and it seems everyone is only concerned with Disk Status showing one drive information. I was wondering if anyone else has modified theirs to show all of the drives in their server?

I have built my own server, at my house, and am the only user on it now or in the future. I am a bit of a data head. Just thought it would be cool to be able to see both drives on the dashboard, and know others are running servers with more than one hard drive… so if you’re the admin and log in, would it not be nice to see the stats of all attached drives? Maybe it’s just me.

A quick photoshop I made to illustrate what I was thinking

I have also been thinking about something like this.

This would be really great. I have quickbox installed in a container that has a subvolume attached to it. So essentially my root file system is on sda, and my data (/mnt/data) is on sdb.

I believe this would be a pretty common setup for a lot of people.

Currently the widget only shows my root file system, probably because I choose it during the setup I assume? How would I go about changing that?