Disk status display problem

After a clean installation, no problem except a problem displaying the status of the disk. Can you help me fix this?

Hello @heinznow, what youve encountered is not a bug. This is more than likely due to your setup having quotas installed and you have made use of the wrong mount partition.

Please tell us what the output of df -h is on your server.

Thanks for your reply, I remade a clean installation with no quota. :slight_smile:

For future reference you can simply uninstall Quotas from your dashboard from within the Package Management Center. You may also type in console box remove quotas and alternatively to install box install quotas. You will then need to run the setdisk command to assign the users space.

This is partly my fault for not having enough documentation on the topic… I do plan to change this… some day :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you’re all sorted nonetheless!