Disk Space and 2 hard disk

Hi guys.
at the moment i have 1 raid with 1 partition

sda , with sda1 , sda2, sda3, and sda4.
Sda3 point to /home
today i will add one second raid5 with 3 disk. i will create 1 partition with inside /media
it’s possible to have on YOUR DISK STATUS , information about free space of /media ?
or it’s possible to have as free space information the summ of /home and /media?

Best regards

Sounds like something i have.
I dont use raid and have 4 harddrives with a single user on each.

Anyway, the thing i’ve done is that i did mount points for each hdd to /home/USER, then changed some codes in disk_data.php (can be found /srv/rutorrent/home/widgets/). Then it shows correct disk status at every users dashboard.

Send me a PM if this is something you want me to help and we will see if it can be solved on a similiar way :slight_smile: