Disk Size in QuickBox Dashboard is 0GB

I have 4x4TB disk but in QuickBox Dashboard this is what is showed:

Free: -0.00298691 GB
Used: 0.00298691 GB
Size: 0 GB

Also in ruTorrent there is an information:

Warning! The disk is full. rTorrent may not run correctly, and no data will be downloaded until you free some disk space.

But in Deluge there is correct size showed in bottom right corner.

What can cause this problem?

P.S. Can I set bandwidth and disk usage limits on certain users? Or I need to use Virtualization for it?

Are you using “Quota” ? Then you will have to specify disk space for each user in order to display it properly.

Command is “setdisk”

Bandwidth is not counted on user basis.