DigitalOcean Block Storage Mount

Hello. I just set up quickbox on my new digitalocean droplet and I just love it.

So here’s my issue:
I mounted another block of storage at /mnt/my-mount

How do I point my rtorrent to download there? How do I have the disk status show this space as well? How do I enable Http downloads from here?

Too many questions I guess. The thing is that the block storage is much larger than the ‘/’ partition so I would like it to be the downloads directory for my quickbox. I am the only user of the box.

Things I’ve tried:
i edited the rtorrent.rc file so that directory.default.set="/mnt/my-mount/rtorrent". I did that as the user ‘hicov’ that I set up as the master using the quickbox setup. After a reboot, the rutorrent was weirding out…felt like it lost connection to the rtorrent in the backend. I couldn’t open settings, couldn’t add download, couldn’t do any actions after right click on the torrent that was paused. It threw some js null error…

So i went back and set the default directory and after a restart rutorrent works fine now.

OS: Ubuntu 16.04 64bit
Quickbox was installed on a clean droplet.

bump. haven’t solved it yet

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