Different IP / seedbox for each user

Just getting up and running in the seedbox world and wondering if my preferred use case is possible. I have a dedicated server with Ubuntu 16.04 up and running. The provider offers multiple IP addresses with the server and I would like to have two users with separate seedboxes and different IP addresses (to satisfy some private tracker requirements).

Is this possible using the configuration available in a single QuickBox instance? Or will some sort of virtualization or other specialized setup be needed?

Planning to use a guru install to get this right the first time but thought I’d check on this particular wish. Thanks!

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this would not be something a guru install would cover and most trackers are ok with a single ip for multi users as long as not each user is using the same port number. that being said i dont see why you could not bond ip to each port of the users, and or setup multi servers using VM then each vm has its own ip and resources

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