Deluge web ui suddenly not working

hi there. “connect” button at connection manager turn grey which not allow me to click. please advice and thank you

after reinstalled user password back to old one… weird

Apologies for this… it looks like I had a leftover function that was bad so it was not reading the process properly.

Navigate to the following directory:

cd /usr/local/bin/quickbox/system

Then type ls -l and see if there is a file named changeUserpass. If there is, do rm changeUserpass to remove it. Then you should be good to address your change on passwords.

####Here is the commit:

non of my login passwords work after uninstall and reinstall from QB packages center. please advice

Nobody suggested you to remove your QB Packages.

Can you not login to ssh? I will look at this for you if you will send me your server details in a PM. I can have this patched for you easily.

restart sorted so deleted my problem