Deluge web not accessible on public IP


I installed Deluge and Deluge Web on my box. The shortcut on the dashboard works perfectly on my LAN but not from my public IP (nothing happens actually, no error message, no new tab, or window, nothing), but and if I try to access Deluge web from outside by typing manually the address it works, so it’s really just a problem on the shortcut on the dashboard.

Other shortcuts (rtorrent, Web console, etc) work perfectly not matter I’m on the LAN or outside.

Can someone please help me to fix this ?


Actually I wonder the same thing. I just bookmarked the direct web URL to my Deluge box and have been using it that way. But if there is a way to figure it out I’d be interested.

I know looking through the code I found the Deluge-Web section references my external IP. But looks like it does [QuickBox Dashboard Port : Deluge Port] and maybe that’s where it’s getting broken?

Example: being the External IP in the example
879 being the port to access the QuickBox dashboard
880 being the port to access the web interface for Deluge

Guessing the double colon is causing something to go wrong? This is me completely pulling this out of my butt from not really understanding any of the coding of the page though.