Deluge thin client

how do I add a username/password to deluge for the thin client?
I am a dinosaur and I like using the desktop app for connecting deluge.
but it seems like the login/password created by the script doesn’t work for remote connection.

This requires you to use the web console or ssh into your server to log into the shell as your user and run this:
grep daemon_port ~/.config/deluge/core.conf

you will get a reply back like this:
“daemon_port”: 31748,

So the values you enter into the thin client:

  • hostname: your servers IP addess

  • port: the daemon_port value from above

  • username: your seedbox username

  • password: your seedbox password

ns381564:~# sudo adduser user1 sudo
Adding user user1' to groupsudo’ …
Adding user user1 to group sudo

user1:~$ grep daemon_port ~/.config/deluge/core.conf
*** forbidden command: grep
user1:~$ sudo grep daemon_port ~/.config/deluge/core.conf
*** forbidden syntax: sudo grep daemon_port ~/.config/deluge/core.conf

can’t do it as user

I’d say limited shell needs some tweaks.

nano ~/.config/deluge/core.conf

and scroll down to find the daemon_port value