Deluge password


Hello everyone

Deluge asks me for a password.
I enter all the password that corresponds to my seedbox, but nothing does.
I retyped a password for my user with “changeUserpass”, in root, but no result.

What is Deluge password?

Thank you for your help


Check your /etc/htpasswd file and see if there are duplicate entries. Also, ensure that you are typing your password exactly as it is for rutorrent etc. You may need to send a restart to Deluge, have you tried that? Are both the DelugeD and Deluge-Web services running?


Thank you for helping me

In “/etc/htpasswd”:
“user: rutorrent: -------------”

Nothing else :worried:


Did you install Deluge after you created the user?


I did not create a user, just the one for installing Quickbox


Did you install Deluge after the initial install and the master user was created?


I installed Quickbox with the user, then in the console I installed Deluge


Ok, could you attempt the changeUserpass function once more? It should be adding the password/username to the Deluge configs.


No the password does not work


Mind PMing me the details to your server and I can take a look at this directly? This is not being reproduced on any of our ends here.

###UPDATE (for transparency)

Did a fresh password change to the user. It looks as though this was an issue with Deluge not being able to handle the extra @ symbol in the password. Upon changing the password to not contain that symbol, all access is back in proper order.