Deluge Not Connecting?

I am so new to seedboxes.

I followed a very simplified guide on a private tracking site to install Quickbox through LiteServer.

It’s been working great for the last week or so since I set it all up, I began with about 60 torrents running.

Today I added about 80? And then it crashed. Just said “I’m noping out of this one” (Okay, it didn’t say anything, no warning messages, but I’m sure if it was a person, this is what it would say.)

My private tracker says that I “appear not connectable due to: connection refused”. It says I’m still seeding, but it looks like everything has stopped on the timers (minimum 72hr seed time in a 30 day period).

When I go to my quickbox dashboard, it looks like there is a lot of activity. The bandwith data is up and down with download and upload.

When I open Deluge Web the connection manager opens up. Status is offline. I click start daemon, it will briefly go online and then offline, I cannot connect to view any torrents in this brief space of time.

Going back to the Dashboard, (sorry to be all over the place I really have no idea here!) in the service control center it has DelugeD with a red dot next to it (the other 5 things listed all have green, and previously it was green).

How can I get connected again?

I’ve looked at other threads with similar issues, however, I get lost when a response is to " /etc/apache2/sites-enabled" (an example of how seedbox illiterate I am!) so I know it’s a pain in the butt, but it really needs to be broken down for me. I am so sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, if there is anyway to fix this without losing my torrents, if I lose them my ratios will be severely messed up on the tracker.

it sounds like your server doesnt have enough power to run the webui with that many torrents. try installing deluge thin client on your home pc perhaps that will allow you to connect.

Thank you for you reply.
If I do this, does that mean I’ll always have to have my computer on?

i’ve got exactly the same issue as above , looking for help too

no, thin client is not really any different than using the webui. it connects all the same just as an app on your pc rather than on a web browser.

you say “LiteServer” I am not sure what that is exactly, but it sounds like it is too weak to really use deluge to its full potential. that is just me guessing since you didnt really list any specs.

Thanks I’ll give this a go!

The place I got the guide from said they’d had no issues connecting up to 1500 torrents, so I was surprised when my 100 or so caused problems.

The barebones of the server information are

  • 128 MB+ Guaranteed RAM
  • 100 GB+ SSD Storage
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Connectivity
  • 1 TB+ Bandwith / Month
  • 1 Gbps Uplink

(On phone and just looked at the liteserver website for the plan I did. If you need more information I can jump on the computer).

you would need a very good cpu and at least 16gb ram to hold 1000 torrents in deluge, if you have 128mb ram i find it hard to believe deluge would even run at all.

Not quite sure what that is supposed to mean unless it’s a VM on which they pool ram. In any case 128MB is not enough to view a fart let alone any web application and or even cache torrents you need at least 1GN of ram or more. Even 500MB but never tried less that that… As none of my ram sticks are that small…

Not to mention Ubuntu needs at least 512MB to run unless you run the light version which would not run anything useful