Deluge https not working


I recently installed quickbox on Debian 8. I only have one small issue:

I can’t connect to the deluge webui using ssl/https, the page keeps loading forever, no error message is shown.

By the way, although running Debian, the deluge package is taken from an ubuntu ppa (and strangely I am not able to find it in /etc/apt/sources.list.d).

Any help would be welcome,
Thanks in advance.

Did you use QuickBox to install Deluge?
During install was there any errors?
Are you able to reach your quickbox dashboard?

Yes, Deluge was installed with quickbox, without errors.
I can reach the dashboard, rutorrent, and nextcloud without issue.
I can reach deluge webui with http (no ssl).

I fixed the problem of reaching the deluge webui with ssl by proxying the webui to apache (the only problem is to keep the correct url in the dashboard).
For information, I installed letsencrypt certificates this way : (Successfully).

Thanks a lot for your help.

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@jeje33 Did you perchance restart deluge-web after enabling ssl?

Yes I did. Now anyway the solution of deluge with apache seems to the best in my opinion.

The only problem is that I have to edit /srv/rutorrent/home/inc/config.php to get the correct url in the dashboard, which is not difficult, but this file is overwritten every time you run the quicbox updater.
The best I could do was to create a simple bash command that replaces the urls in this file, it works but you have to ssh your seedbox after each update.
If anyone knows a better (fully automated) solution…


Can you share the proxy code of your apache conf file? I am adding the proxy entries in the default-ssl.conf file.

I am running into this same issue, where I can only access deluge by http://IP_Address:Port/ ( loads forever, and ssl refuses to connect) and so now I am trying to proxy it.

But I must be missing something in the config. Deluge address ( now just comes back with a blank page (Title shows Deluge WebUI 1.3.12, no favicon, blank page)

I have my deluge on https and works fine no problems, didnt have to do anything other enable it in deluge and point it to my cert + key then rebooted.