Deluge - CopyComplete Plugin - Anyone Using it?

When I had my Windows Deluge box, I ran across a plugin for Deluge (found it on their forum - found here) and was so happy. As I have a dedicated Deluge box (now my QuickBox - still running only Deluge) and after torrents are done downloading, would manually copy files over to my storage server on my same network. But to have everything manually pop up on my file server, and I could sort everything from there. REALLY helpful on those big download days.

When I moved to QuickBox, there was only v0.6 of this plugin and it would not load. I let it go, tried figuring out RClone with one-way sync to my file server, etc… and well been failing at that. But last night I randomly went back to the plugin thread and saw someone had updated it to a v0.7. The person who updated the plugin also posted everything on GitHub (found here). I was thinking since this actually loaded in Deluge now, things might have gotten super easy to deal with this question… but of course not that easy.

Originally this plugin seemed like it was compatible with Linux, looking back at the year 2012 on the thread. Not sure if things had changed over the years, since a lot of people use Windows more than Linux… but figured I would try it again.

On my box I have a share to my storage server, which I have linked as a cifs share in my /etc/fstab and has worked great for me to manually copy stuff over since the beginning of time. I tried putting that into this plugin but no go. No errors that I could find with the plugin, but nothing is copying when downloads are complete

ANYWAY I know a lot more users here are using rutorrent than Deluge. Just wondering if any Deluge users out there have tried this before, got it working, or are interested in trying. Since I know a lot of us are looking for ways to sync our downloads one way or another from our QuicBox’s to other server/cloud storage. I have not been able to find anyone else posting about it, so thought I would share as a random thought.