Delete .mp4 tags command line

title really says it all.

I’ve got 3 movies in my Plex library, they’re .mp4 and Plex is insisting on using the tags instead of the data I’ve matched it to.

Normally I just use an app like easytag to remove the data & plex behaves itself.

This server doesn’t have a GUI - (and I refuse to install one unless absolutely necessary!) how do you folks get round this bug?

Sounds more like a plex issue then a QuickBox.
Please have a look at the plex forum:

Agent settings - disable Local Media Assets.
Settings> Server> Agents>

I didn’t know that was an option! thanks bud.

I ended up installing vnc / easytag and just removing them manually… oh well :slight_smile:

Yeah, this has gotten me recently as it (believe it or not) has been a good while since I have had to mess with Plex. I was milling over this forever until @dtech_banned bonked me on the head. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

it was a easy thing to not know XD just helps knowing most shit has tags in the file it self and helps to ignore the shit out of them XD cuz people like cough cough 80% of uploaders like to leave their name in the file…

you mean like a certain archving standard

they’re notorious for it!

your better off having plex ignore the file tags and only scan the name this helps if well your name is as close as it can be to the name in the database otherwise you will have mismatched stuff

that being said you can use a script to scrub media of all tags. though would take time and I/O and would not work for things on cloud. if you want i can explain more but its kinda a pain to set up.

just finished unchecking, no more pesky tag titles :slight_smile:

the local media asist is the one just making sure you are unchecking the right thing lol

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