Dashboard tinkering

Hey folks,

I changed a few of my services, ok all of them - to allow direct access to their ports from outside localhost (reasons not important)

does anybody know where the file is that allows me to change the target for these links?

I already found /srv/rutorrent/home/custom but that only allows me to add links, not edit the defaults :slight_smile:

Thanks as always :heart:

EDIT found it

The lines I needed to change were:

  $cpURL = "https://" . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . ":5050";
  $plexpyURL = "https://" . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . ":8181";

enjoy your day :slight_smile:

are you using both deluge and ruttorent with ACD/Rclone ?

no, Deluge web actually points to a little scaleway box I use to download public torrents because Hetzner don’t like that sort of stuff.

RuTorrent is used with Sonarr / Couch Potato - all files stored locally on the server, I don’t have an amazon cloud drive setup :slight_smile:

Why you dont have in amazon cloud ? Any reason…

No particular reason. The server I have is 6tb, which was plenty of storage for our needs. Maybe as the library grows it’s something I’ll look at :slight_smile: do you use it?

Love it especially after using Rclone before i was using acd_cli, i have around 28 TB of data.

I played around with acd_cli last year before the whole plex cloud fiasco.

Is Rclone similar in that it lets you mount the ACD directly, or does it just encrypt and synchronise a folder to the cloud - how does plex see the data up there?

its magic that what i can say about it, you download your TV show or your movie and then it goes direct to your cloud encrypted already but i dont know how the plex can read the file that’s why im calling it magic . with acd_cli i was always having problem transferring my data to cloud and manually but with Rclone it makes your life easy.

hmmmm, I’ll have to convince my wife to let me spend the £££ on amazon drive - then probably just pay here to get it set up - I saw a post about somebody using teamviewer during the setup process, would be nice to understand how it works so when I inevitably do something stupid with it I can figure it out.

hhhhh then you need to convince your wife as this setup is good really. yo will spend around 60 for yearly subscription and i dont know if you can manage to setup the Rclone yourself or not but i think its better to let dtech handle this as he really have a good experience.


We may need additional suggestions as per screen sharing software as I think @dtech_banned got throttled by TV for too many active screen sessions. He will have more on this, but yes, @dtech_banned loves doing screen sessions with people… especially while in the middle of building a server as big as his living room!

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I’ve used join.me for things like this in the past. No client software required, and can be viewed on mobile devices with their app. Might want to check it out. :slight_smile:

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problem with that software as far as i know its remote desktop not a both users see whats going on. i could be wrong. its been a long time since i used any of their software.

I am poor i dont have a living room XD
well ok thats a lie we just dont use ours XD


I heard dtech’s bed is actually a server rack; is this true? The people deserve to know!

Some say when he dreams, he only sees 1s and 0s…


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well pc on both sides of bed… plus laptop too desk if for xbox bed is pc desk XD

now you make me post this…hope your happy

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that is scary shit seeing a 2 like shitttttt.

btw the 10001111 mean something above :wink:

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