Dashboard network graphic


Since I performed a “box upgrade” today that the bandwidth data module is blank in the graphic part, but shows the real speeds below…
Any help?

Thank you :slight_smile:

You’ve probably already figured out that after an update it takes the interface no more than 3 minutes to perform it’s update… then the data will populate the graph once more. Are you still not seeing the graph?

No, it’s all white with a bottom green line that doesn’t reflect the speeds

Thanks for your quick reply

I think this is a result of a recent pull request I accepted. it looks like he placed the INTEFACE inside single quotes which then causes the sed command to fail on inserting your adapter.

Can you tell me in your srv/rutorrent/home/widgets/data.php file on line #2 if it is blank, or if it shows your adapter.


I did reinstall the whole system because the hard drive was going nuts, and replaced it with a new one; everything is fine and the bandwidth graphic is displaying fine.

Thank you very much

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