Dashboard cannot log in ( SOLVED)

I cannot log into my dashboard, the web page does not load gets diverted to apache2 ubuntu default page. I can putty and ssh into the server, I did an update (sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -f), my torrents seems to be seeding when I check via trackers.

Hi, there’s a possibility that your apache is pointing on the wrong directory. I don’t have any quickbox community version installed right now to test this, but you can start looking at your config files inside /etc/apache2/sites-enabled. Try to check default.conf (cant remember the exact name of the file) but there should be an entry there pointing to srv/rutorrent/home

yeah these lines should be present:
DocumentRoot “/srv/rutorrent/home”
<Directory “/srv/rutorrent/home/”>

Post deleted, shit i don’t have select " Pro version on category !

I am not sure what I did wrong but was solved via pm thanks @JMSolo (Nginx & Apache running), thanks for the other replies.

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Solved Via PMs