Current Stability and Upgrades

Currently on the edge of wiping server and installing quickbox just have a couple of questions.

  1. What are the chances a update will require a fresh install?

I would rather wait till everything is fleshed out then have to have problems through multiple irritations

  1. How common are upgrade problems?

I see that after every update there are a couple of people who pop on saying x broke. Its pretty fantastic how helpful you guys are when it happens, and am hoping they are the minority as far as upgrades are concerned.

  1. Will the script break any other programs by default?

Example if I wanted to add Team speak or some other service is there anything that I would have to change to make them work in their default configuration?

Thanks for your time!

Hey there @Hyd! Thanks for your questions and I am more than happy to address them.

  1. Updates in the recent iterations no longer require you to do fresh installs or complicated shell commands to get caught up. We now work on a rolling release basis and the update is as simple as clicking ā€˜Check for Updatesā€™ from your dashboardā€¦ then QuickBox will do the rest.

  2. Upgrade problems are typically only an issue from our past revisions to where we stand now. These issues were either a result of directory changes that we have made to better the flow and navigation of QuickBox, to simple little one-liners we overlooked causing widgets to swap (this has all been fixed) With that said, problems, if they do crop up from this point forwardā€¦ will be very minor and super easy to adjust.

  3. Installing programs outside the official batch of included applications is literally a do so at your own risk. However, that is a boring disclaimer, but it must be heard. Most applications if you choose to install on your own will not affect QuickBox and itā€™s running applicationsā€¦ I can however advise anyone to take note of ports that certain applications need to run onā€¦ but we do not change these ports in most cases and leave them as either defaultā€¦ or very close to their default range to avoid conflicts.

    The only time I would suggest being careful trying to add your own items is in regards to making changes to the Dashboardā€¦ as those changes will be overwritten on updates.

Hopefully this is helpfulā€¦ let me know if you have any further questions. :slight_smile:

just note; Donā€™t install Webmin never install webmin


Thatā€™s a solid pointā€¦ Webmin is bad news for QuickBox. Itā€™s really not neededā€¦ at all.

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You mention people pop up and report broken things well actually some of us do that to improve QuickBox even moreā€¦testing out every little corner and feature to make it the best experience for someone like you stumbling across and hopefully giving QuickBox a spin and enjoying it :blush:

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