Creating read only ftp user

I created a secondary user (dad) I would like to have this user to be able to see a specific set of folders that exist in my main user’s home folder ie. /home/user1/movies and home/user1/tv

In an attempt to accomplish this I created symlinks for each respective folder to the new users home folder.

But the new user gets a 530 login incorrect when attempting to connect via ftp

I then decided to share my main user credentials and change vstpd.conf write_enable=NO to prevent the accidental deletion or relocation of files. Doing so works fine as a stop gap measure for now. But ideally i’d prefer having another user account that family can use to grab whatever linux distros they would like without disrupting folder structure or existing data.

As always any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi! Did you solve your problem. I just would like to do the same, I don’t find any information about it.

If somebody knows, it could be great to get an answer. Thank you very much.