Cpu usage 100% make user feel lag browsing torrent interface

Hi all, for now my seedbox have 10 user.
May I know how to set or limit when user download the cpu usage not exceed 100%
Currently if user 1 download torrent , any other user will experience slow in browsing their torrent interface. Any method to make the cpu usage not exceed 100% ?
Thanks you.

Well, for starters you have 10 users on a server that we know nothing of it’s specifics. It’s hard to say what you can do, however, you opened another similar thread and it has been suggested to check out the throttle and extraratio plugins as these may help your case slightly.

However, nothing about QuickBox is going to aid you in allocating specific resources in a dedicated fashion to any of your users. QuickBox wasn’t made to be multi-user specific (it’s just an added bonus until we come up with our grander scheme :wink: ) You could create specific scripts that will kill a particular users processes after (X) Amount of time… and I think some already exist in various forums.

I’m currently using online.net sc server only. hehe. Fyi, I just worried the cpu usage at 100% and can make other user browsing slow to the quickbox interface. Yah I know I have to limit the download speed and ratio to make the not exceed 100% all the times. So that I’m asking a suggestion how to reduce the effect of 100% cpu usage when user 1 start download…

Again, this is a ‘shared’ script. There are no methods available currently within QuickBox to delegate resources in accordance to one user. You could attempt to write some rules within fail2ban that executes a stop script on a user pushing more than (x) amount of cpu. You’ll need to search as I am not sure anyone here would have that information.

ok thanks @jmsolo !