Couple of ideas in one topic

  1. Sometimes I find it hard to diagnose errors cause a user either loss his password or something other along the lines. I’ve noticed that some sites, well CMS related sites offer “Log in as user” Is that a possible option for adding to quickbox?

  2. Media player on the QuickBox dash to play music or even stream music to the player from other sources.

  3. Social integration? That’s probably asking for too much.

  1. I have thought about this as an option for the master account. My only thing is making sure that this is as secure a feature as possible. This also goes hand-in-hand with an additional option to ‘Log Out’ from the dashboard.

  2. Media Player is a neat idea and I know that via the power of html5 and a very tiny javascript I could have it hook into the users downloads and search for specific files that can then be read into the dashboard media player… cakebox might even help achieve such a concept.

  3. Yup, too much. I don’t want to tie anything social in regards to api to dashboards. Additionally, there would need to be database integration with users (info)… I am actually try to stay as far from that as possible. But this may change in the future to provide possible custom login screens, rather than the browser authentication you see now. However, I don’t think social integrations will ever happen… unless others think this could be useful somehow.