CouchPotato re-install issue

I was having issues with CouchPotato loading some items from my IMDB watch list so i decided to re-install from the quickbox interface, i first uninstalled it, and then installed is now when i click on CouchPotato it doesn’t goto the wizard to reset up CouchPotato it just goes back to the quickbox main page “” is the user it goes to any suggestions or help, i have attempted to reinstall again and rebooted the server nothing is helping

NVM I found the fix

Posting the solution here for transparency…

I noticed (as it finally occurred to me browsing your install) the redirect back to the dashboard was happening due to the url base within your couchpotato settings was empty. I did the following to fix it.

cd /home/$USERNAME/.couchpotato
nano settings.conf
With the settings.conf folder I searched for the url base = field. I changed it to the following url base = /couchpotato.

From here I did a restart of the CouchPotato service with systemctl restart [email protected]$USERNAME.

Voilà, CP is now accessible.