Copy setup and settings from one server to another?

Following this thread Odd CPU meter behaviour EDIT - IOWAIT HDD choking problem I have been given a new server by Is there any way of moving my setup from the server with the problem to the new one without going through the setup again?
apart from it running like a pile of pooh I have it set up how I want and don’t fancy having to do it all again.

Hopefully, someone has some pearls of wisdom to share. I will have both for a week (ish) so am open to any and all suggestions.


no the only thing you can really move is the user directory easy the rest is kinda hard to move. takes a lot more work to move things than to reinstall on a clean server.

Ah that’s not the news i was hoping for…
after getting the guru service on the knackered server and you kindly setting up Sabnzbd for me i was hoping i could just clone it across.
thanks for the info anyway,