Connect with FTP in windows Explorer


I would like to connect on my server with FTP using the windows explorer (in order to make it easier for a friend to connect on)

everytime I try i type : ftp://{ServerIP}:5757/torrents/rtorrent/ on a web browser or filezilla I type login and password it work well but when I try on windows I have an issue :

I would like to know if it’s possible to do this.

thanks :wink:

Ok what exactly does the error message say in English? I tried running it through a scanner into text and then translating but can’t get it to make any sense.

And just to double check, this is so your friend can hit this externally from your network? If so why not just have them log into the dashboard and and download through the web interface? I know it’s not as seem less as FTP.

Also, depending on your setup, why not drag the files over to another system on your network that might already have an FTP setup? Personally I don’t like anyone having access to my Deluge box, because I don’t know how to monitor or lock down Linux. I have a file share setup on my Deluge server, copy the files over from my box to my Windows file server, then have a front end for users to download from there.

[edit] yes I know but I kind having things also like this because to me it seems more straight forward, and I repurpose ahold hardware to make up my network. Plus my Deluge server is on my local LAN not a hosted server

So I did some Googling and found an article that said to make sure the pasv_address in the vsftpd config file is your external ip address. I changed that line, restarted vsftpd, and was able to connect through Windows Explorer.

On your box, type: sudo nano /etc/vsftpd.conf
Go to the last line, it should say
Mine was set to the boxes local ip address.
Change it to your external ip address.
Ctrl X, then press Y to confirm.
sudo service vsftpd restart
Now try to connect using Windows Explorer.