Configure Deluge with Https


I am discovering QuickBox, on ubuntu 16.04.4.
I had to do Let’sencrypt to secure my seedbox and with ruTorrent it works
But when i launch Delugewebui, my browser (Firefox) told me, “this connexion is not secure, it might be corrupted”.

I setup my host like this:

So i install Quickbox on /
I saw this link:

But it doesn’t match with my installation. I don’t know where deluge and its conf are?
During process withe let’s encrypt i had .key and .cer (not cert) i can find them in /root/

What can i do to configure Deluge with https connexions in my case?

Sorry for my bad English, i’m french

thank you

edit: i finded /home/user/.config/deluge/ssl there are daemon.cert and daemon.pkey
Letsencrypt gave me .key and .cer
I now have to locate letsencrypt (it is not under /etc/letsencrypt/ it doesn’t exist)
It seems to call a script using an API from letsencrypt so i’m not able to find original path (/etc/letcencrypt/live/domain/ .cert and .key) Am i wrong? What sould i do?

With “Box install let’sencrypt” script return these output:

“cert is in /root/” (not cert)
“Your cert key is in /root/”
“The intermediate CA cert is in /root/”
And the full chain certs is there: /root/"


“Installing key to:/etc/apache2/ssl/certs/mondomaine.tld-ssl.key”
“Installing full chain to:/etc/apache2/ssl/certs/mondomaine.tld-ssl.pem”

What about deluge ??

The guide mentioned in your first post is obsolete, as this was using a different way of setting up LetsEncrypt.

I saw that like you…
What sould i do to add SSL for deluge?

thank you

Waiting for a solution, i remotly connect my deluge with a SSH tunnel