Completing the New User Dashboard

New users only have rutorrent in their dashboard. How to give them access to omby, emby, …?

This is how QB works. Running more than one instances of an application will cause your system to be overloaded. Especially plex since it takes CPU power.

OK thank you it is nice
But then I wonder why install Omby if other users do not have access.

Though QuickBox is multi-user friendly, it only permits the usage of rtorrent, deluge, and openvpn as services available to other users.

You could literally say that about every other application on the lineup. The reason is due to we are not aiming to supply a multi-user system for every application available, that would be an undertaking that would take some time and I am currently putting more time into this:


i understand.

QuickBox is a very good app.
good job !