Community Testimonials - What our Community thinks about us?

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We love our Community as evidenced in our highly anticipated Community Day Event. Because of our love of the community, they have given us some amazing feedback that we wanted to share about working with QuickBox Pro and our Support Team lead by Globber. 

Here are some amazing quotes:

THANK YOU SO MUCH @BIF God bless you, your gf , your wife, your childrens, your cats, dogs, thank you so much for all your help, you resolved my issue!

by EdgeNight

I like the idea of blessing Bif’s cats and dogs in that last quote. That’s very sweet. 

The level of commitment these guys have in helping to resolve your issues is priceless. what @JMSolo 👑 and @Mischief ⋈ have here is a family structure. not an just a script

by mophawka

Does anyone else have “We are family” stuck in their heads now? 

A big thanks to @Athelmil for setting up my Rclone/Gdrive install on my server. A great service and tons of support and knowledge. Would highly recommend for other users wishing to use Google Drive for Plex storage.

by BIF

Even our support staff have to share the love with each other. It’s great that we can all share skills and so much more with each other to create an awesome community. 

We love our community and we love hearing from them about our services. You can see all the testimonials on our Discord channel which you should totally join! It’s free to use too! You can join using this link here: