Community Poll - QuickBox Pro

With the coming launch of QuickBox Pro, I am looking for a bit of feedback from the community. Already there are a few variables that are being heavily discussed and debated w/o additional info being expressed. I am aiming to resolve this by asking members of the community to express your ideas on the availability of QuickBox Pro.

Part of the discussion have been some members expressing how they do not want to support Pro over a few arguments, such as, 1 license = 1 server. Let me reiterate that this is more along the lines (to be absolutely clear) 1 license = 1 activation. At any time a user sees their server not being fit and wanting to move their QuickBox Pro to another server, simply open a ticket on your order (more about this new addition to the site today… along with the come back of our IRC!) and request deactivation of your license so you may reactivate on a new server. There will be an infinite amount of deactivation’s >> reactivation’s. I think some of the confusion comes from both, not enough info on my end (I know) and a bit of confusion as to how the license will work.

As I want to see the community as a whole satisfied over the new structure, remember one thing, QuickBox Community (the current version available) will always be free and available. Additionally, it will continue to receive updates when needed.

I am currently working on an upgrade method to move those of you using existing Community versions to the Pro version. This is an extensive task and will be receiving a lot of testing before availability.

So here’s what I am after. Let me know in the poll below what you would like to see:

  • 1 license per activation
    (lifetime - price is cheaper w/ multi license discounts)
  • 1 license per multiple install
    (lifetime - price is more expensive - discounts are only served per occasion)
  • 1 license per activation
    (subscription based - cheaper w/ possible discounts on years)
  • Other - please explain in comments

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