Community Day Announcement - New RClone Installer Service!

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Yes you did read that correctly. As per our YouTube Livestream event, we announced a brand new RClone Installer Service! Now you can expand your server’s storage without having to get new hard drives!

Do you like downloading content but hate having to delete files, media and more to make space on your server for new content? Don’t you wish you could expand your storage without having to do a complete new install on a server that has more storage?

Then why not consider expanding your storage with the RClone Installer Service. RClone is a piece of technology that allows you to connect a cloud storage service (like Amazon Web Services or Google Drive for example) to your server and syncing files that storage server.

Acting like a local drive, you can keep expanding and adding content to your server without ever needing to add more hard drives to your server.

The installer service includes;

  • Mounting a local drive for RClone to use
  • Setting up your RClone config with Google Drive
  • Ensuring backups have been made of your config file
  • Testing that everything works.

The installer service does not;

  • Set up a GSuite Account
  • Set up GSuite Credentials for RClone to use
  • Integrate Plex or other software to use your new RClone drive

Our RClone Installer Service will be live very soon so keep an eye out when it’s available!