SO a few days ago I created a account. I was able to access and use just fine. The credentials were saved with Lastpass. Now i cant login anymore and when I ask to email a new password I never get an email. I’ve tried this repeatedly the last several days to no avail. Thinking that perhaps my email is not in the system I try creating a new account but then get an error saying that the provided email is in use. Any thoughts? Did i do something wrong? :confused:


I’ll look into this for you now. Although, the chat is @dtech’s domain.


email recovery is not available on server as we have no mail server setup on it and idk that i want one as it takes up resources
but i will do a reset for you and pm you the temp password for it :smiley:


haha… good to know… perhaps removing the email option wont be a bad idea then… lol


later on we might have money for better server and have more need for it XD so na i think leave the option make people be like wtf makes me laugh a little so is good XD


hahaha… sooo cruel… i literally kept checking my email for days :stuck_out_tongue: