Changing Plex remote port

When I change the Plex remote access port in the Plex dashboard, does that actually do anything on a Quickbox server? The port from the Quickbox dashboard stays the same no matter what, and I can’t access it directly without going through the Quickbox interface.

I’m troubleshooting some issues on my new Quickbox server. Basically it is completely awesome except when I try to stream video through Plex. I can max out my 30mb home internet connection when I download video files that are hosted by Apache from my server, or using FTP, but I can’t start a stream at 10mb/s native bitrate, and even transcoding down to 4mb/s it stutters (actually it is stopped more than playing). The datacenter my server is in has assured me that their network is not causing any issues with port 32400, but I want to change it is case someone in between us is throttling that port. (I’m a thousand miles from the data center so there are plenty of networks in between).

If you do change the port in Plex, be sure to update the proxy as well at
You should be able to access it without going through your QuickBox dashboard. Additionally ensuring your tunnel is created and I usually just access it through

About the port on the dashboard, this is staged in your config.php file located at /srv/rutorrent/home/inc. At line #295 you will see:
$plexURL = "http://" . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . ":31400/web/";

You can modify this forward here.

As per physically changing the default port (32400) of plex itself. I am not too certain. @liara may no more on that that I would.

According to some random entry on Plex support I found this:

The Local TCP Port number cannot be changed - it has to be 32400. 
Only the remote port can be changed

However, seeing as you are wanting to only change the remote port… just be sure you’re doing it this way:

Not possible, unfortunately. The only way to change the port of plex is to use something like Docker to spin up plex in a container and bind port 32400 to an alternate port on the host machine.

@liara I remember you talking about this exact thing back in February! How does QuickBox handle multiple users using Plex?

Simply put, we don’t.

I had managed to piece together a working implementation of docker for the single Plex beta server we offered at swizards; however it was a bit of a pain and not quite streamlined.

If I ever do end up porting the code and writing an installer, it will likely be a product advertised to and intended for resellers. That said, using docker Plex instead of native Plex is completely doable and won’t interfere with qb if you wanted to try to figure it out for personal use

I’m the only user, but was curious if you ever figured it out :slight_smile: