Changing dashbaord


I’m trying to strip the dashboard a bit as I do not need CPU load, Server load etc.
I have tried removing these from /srv/rutorrent/home/index.php, but they are still there.

Am I doing anything wrong / is this possible at all?

2: Is there a QuickBox Pro ?


If you have deleted lines from index.php, you can also try to delete these files :

  • For CPU Load : /srv/rutorrent/home/widgets/cpu.php
  • For Server load : /srv/rutorrent/home/widgets/load.php

If you delete a line from the index.php you must delete the widget file.

But, it will re appear after each updates.

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There is, and it is taking me a considerable amount of time to achieve all the needs I feel it must meet. One of which is as you are encountering in the open community version of QuickBox. QB_Pro will afford different user groups, as well as the added ability to show/hide certain modules according to their user level.

There are loads of other features, biggest of all is finally the addition of a database for better login and session handling.

Quick previews I guess I can drop here until I have the gusto to write the actual article :stuck_out_tongue:

QuickBox Pro utilizes a more intelligent update process. Now it will notify you of available updates for pulling.


QuickBox Pro will have an admin panel full of options to aid you in user management. Even the notorious root user block… and any other names that come to mind. Along with blocking users and IPs.


QuickBox Pro offers a more centralized look at your users and their current usage stats. There’s more to be added to this, but for now, it’s closer to a release! (finally…)


QuickBox Pro will have easier user creation as well as giving you (the server administrator) full control over User Registration. Easily adjust Quotas and more for a user, without having to use command line.




Of course, there is and will be a lot more to look forward to! I should have a solid release version (still a beta) ready by mid February. I am also, at this moment, implementing jailkit into the mix. This means your additional created users will be able to install many of the applications that you can, all within their own jailed environments. Better SSH for the users and offering them SFTP and jailed apache scenarios that they can control.

Send a big a Thank You to for sponsoring the QuickBox project and giving us a home!

Thanks for the reply on this. Your solution worked fine.

Damn! That looks amazing mate!

Is there any way to beta test it? Will it be a paid software?

I will have a more formal and open testing here in the next week or so with limited seats for testing. As per the pay structure, at the moment it’s going to be a “Pay what you like” structure. QuickBox Pro will (already does) have a greater amount of my focus at the moment… It’s still under heavy development.