Changing browser tab



at the moment my browser tab says your quickbox seedbox can this be changed to something smaller like just quickbox or changed to something completely different



You can change this at /srv/rutorrent/home/inc/config.php

Around line 13

$panel = array(
    'name'              => 'QuickBox Seedbox',
    'author'            => 'Everyone that contributes to the open QuickBox project!',
    'robots'            => 'noindex, nofollow',
    'title'             => 'Your Quickbox Seedbox Panel',
    'description'       => 'QuickBox is an open-source seedbox project that is developed and maintained by anyone who so choses to provide time and energy. QuickBox has been made possible by the Team at Swizards. See For more QuickBox, checkout',
    'active_page'       => basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']),


Thanks again for your help