Change links to point to External self-hosted apps

I love the Quickbox dashboard. I’d like to somehow reference all my servers that are running, from the Quickbox Dash. Is it possible to edit the location of rutorrent/couchpotato/etc…? Also IP addresses to take the value for CPU/Memory/etc…


This would have to be something that is user managed as we wouldn’t be able to know how many of what server at what IP any given user may have.

What I am planning on doing however is including a file that will be an include into the main menu. This file will be a template for users to name and add whatever links they so choose and will not be overwritten on the QuickBox updates. This is something that has been planned for a couple of weeks. Now that NextCloud is released in v2.4.6 this will be in the pipeline shortly for development.

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Oh awesome. Yeah, I wasn’t sure if it was possible for me to make ‘plex_ip’ IP changes or not. It’s gonna be awesome to be able to reference my servers from this dashboard. 8 can’t wait. Thanks.