Change authentication for apache reverse proxy so NZBHydra will work for remote systems

I have a dedicated low spec VPS I use for NZBHydra only that recently had to be rebuilt on another node. I had it setup completely manually previously using Nginx reverse proxy but in order to save some time, I tried using Quickbox to rebuild this box. I have Quickbox loaded with LetsEncrypt and everything is working except for my remote Sonarr and Radarr boxes are not able to access it. Since I am only interested in running NZBHydra and keeping the Quickbox dashboard on this VPS, what’s the simplest way to adjust the apache reverse proxy setup on a completely default quickbox v2.5.2 so this will work? In reading other posts it appears the issue is with the Digest authentication configured in Apache, but so far my attempts to change to Basic have failed.